Priestleys Domestic Services - Welcome To
Priestley's is a locally based domestic home help company that is very reliable and dedicated to providing a high standard of service.
For reasonable rates we can offer the following services.
One off cleaning                        Ironing                          
Domestic cleaning                     Grass cutting
Office & Commercial cleaning   Tidy ups
Dog walking                               Shopping       
Visits                                         Company
All services can be tailor made to suit your needs e.g.
Why have gardener and cleaner when you can just have one person doing both the services you desire?
Therefore, you will be saving your time and money! You’re then not paying for two service providers.
No hassle of the door knocking twice!
Spend the time you wish to have and direct us to do any of the above tasks no fuss!
There are many home help and care services in and around the UK but Priestley’s is different in a positive way.  From business research and findings not all companies seem to give the time they are paid for, leaving the customer short and all your basic domestic jobs go out of the window.  The difference with Priestley’s is you get what you pay for we are hard working, caring, very reliable and honest.
Staff will be exact with quotes there are no hidden fees or extra cost.  The standard of the work completed it outstanding and low cost.  Staff are always happy to be directed and work to each individual persons standards.
No matter what the age or life you lead we all need help from time to time.  Maybe you’re busy with work commitments or other reasons but Priestley’s will put your mind at ease and support you with any tasks that need completing.  Our aim is to help you relax and reduce your concerns about household chores when needed.  Let us do the hard work for you and give you more free time that you deserve.
Priestley's will beat any quote you have been given.  Proof of the quotes is needed in order for us to save you more money.
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